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Upgrade Your Matcha,
Supercharge Your Brain

Don’t compromise on your morning matcha.

Our Smart Matcha Latte pre-mix is shade grown, tencha matcha and macadamia adaptogenic creamer in a tube.

Just add hot water for a creamy, brain-enhancing matcha latte.

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/ per tube
7-10 superfood cupfuls per tube

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Join thousands optimizing their morning coffee

Our optimized stack

No fairy dust here. We are committed to sourcing the highest potency active ingredients from the most trusted suppliers and using an effective dose in every tube. We want you to feel the difference.


  • Dark Roast Coffee

    Clean energy boost

  • Cashews

    Hunger Satisfying Fuel

  • Dark Roast Coffee

    Grounding consistent enrgy


  • Lion's mane

    Focus + clarity

  • Chaga


  • Cordyceps militaris

    Endurance + recovery

  • Reishi

    Immunity + stress support

Fats & oils

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    Healthy fats & MCT oil

    Quickly accessible sources of clean energy for your brain

Amino acids

  • L-Theanine

    Derived from green tea to encourage flow state