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roller key

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What’s in the box?
Explore the starter kit

Your new morning routine includes:
  • One of each of our 3 flavors of AUTONOME
  • shipped in completely recyclable packaging

First time orders come with:

  • free rechargeable frother
  • free AUTONOME dispensing key
  • free access to our online “AUTONOME Morning Masterclass”

FREE frother and key with first purchase

The turnkey morning ritual to
supercharge your day

Breakfast needed an upgrade

Watch our how-to video to start your day the right way

Our optimized stack

No fairy dust here. We are committed to sourcing the highest potency active ingredients from the most trusted suppliers and using an effective dose in every tube. We want you to feel the difference.


  • Lion's mane

    Focus + clarity

  • Chaga


  • Cordyceps militaris

    Endurance + recovery

  • Reishi

    Immunity + stress support

Fats & oils

  • Healthy fats & MCT oil

    Quickly accessible sources of clean energy for your brain

Amino acids

  • L-Theanine

    Derived from green tea to encourage flow state