Meet our ingredients

Everything good in life starts with good food

Back in my 20's I was a frustrated corporate attorney who dreamed of becoming a chef. It's a long (and winding) story but a few years later I was working in the best restaurants in the world, co-founded a well known meal kit company and became Head Chef. I'd always wanted to get healthy food into the hands of as many people as possible, knowing what a difference it made to my own life.

Nothing is more important than your energy

Your energy is everything. When you wake up feeling clear, focused and energised, you can do anything you set your mind to. Your level of motivation, willpower, creativity and optimism sky-rocket. We’ve dedicated ourselves to giving you the elements you need to achieve that and get the most out of everyday.

We take our ingredients seriously

We did all of the work so that you don't have to. It took us over a year to find and befriend our suppliers and every ingredient comes with a dossier of quality-assurance documents, so that you're getting an optimal dose in every cup.

No-GMOs, no Prop 65 statements and no BS*.

*Bad Stuff

Fruiting body organic mushrooms

  • Lion's mane

    Numerous studies have linked lion’s mane to improvement in cognitive function, energy and mood, putting it front and center in our stack.

  • Reishi

    Known as the "mushroom of immortality", we can't guarantee everlasting life (yet) but extensive research has linked reishi to both increased stamina and energy.

  • Cordyceps militaris

    Whether your mountains are real or metaphorical, We want you to have everything you need to summit. Cordyceps are said to improve stamina, energy and even oxygen uptake. Time to plant your flag.

  • Chaga

    Made famous by the latte bearing its name, chaga has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and studies have linked it to both reduction in inflammation and blood sugar.

We don’t f around when it comes to mushrooms. We use weapons-grade organic, fruiting body mushrooms in a 8:1 dual extraction. That means every cup contains an effective dose with none of the fillers.

Amino acids


Derived from green tea to encourage flow state

Discovered in tea leaves back in 1949, l-theanine is an amino acid that, when added to the caffeine in your morning cup, can increase alpha brain wave generation (AKA flow state). Just like a computer with the latest software update, it has also been linked to increased reaction time and your ability to juggle multiple tasks at once.

Fats & oils

Healthy fats & MCT oil

Quickly accessible sources of clean energy for your brain

Being the legend that you are, a bowl of sugar cereal in the morning probably isn't going to cut it. MCTs (or Medium Chain Triglycerides if we're trying to impress) are fats derived from coconuts that can be quickly and easily absorbed by the body and turned into fuel for your brain.

Under the hood

In the debate between mycelial mass and fruiting body…

....we spoke to more mycologists than you can shake a stick at. Next up, we scoured medical journals and articles (drop us an email and we can send you what we discovered), before ultimately siding with Team Fruiting Body.

For many years the primary indicator used to denote the nutritive qualities of a mushroom was the beta-glucan content. As testing progresses, scientists are now looking beyond beta-glucan levels to research other beneficial compounds, such as triterpenoids.

Current research indicates that mycelial mass, grown on substrates such as rice and oats, contains far higher levels of starch and less of the beneficial compounds found in fruiting body mushrooms grown with natural precursors.

All that to say that you’re getting a concentrated dose of the good stuff with every cup of AUTONOMY (the equivalent of around 3g of fruiting body mushroom powder).